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The Super Drifter Boat is popular with fly fisherman and side drifters from Alaska to Maine. We have more standard features within the Super Drifter boat than any other builder.

Our Super Drifter boats are made in the USA. Our facility is located in Eagle Point, Oregon. Within the Pacific Northwest side drifting has proved itself to be incredibly successful for jet boats and drift boats. The Super Drifter is technique specific, it is built to be the fishing machine that YOU want and design. Try side drifting from the Super Drifter, and you will discover the advantages of a drift boat and jet sled in ONE BOAT, the Super Drifter.

A Super Drifter is a stable platform which makes for easy fishing/casting while moving or anchored on the river. The Super Drifter can also fish a lot of heavy water that drift boats have to pass by.


For shallow water travel, side drifting, and fly fishing the Super Drifter offers the best of a drift boat and a jet sled in one. For personal use or guiding the Super Drifter is second to none. 

Check out the Super Drifter Boats page for more info on the features included in out boats.  Contact us today to order your Super Drifter Boat!

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